Get ready to Rock and Roll with this years headliners

Sleeping Dogs were formed in the summer of 2011 by seasoned bass player Simon Chapman following a life threatening roof top accident which spurred him on to realise his ambition of forming a local Rock n Roll band.

Simon (former bass player for the Screaming Lord Such band and music legend Martin Simpson) has now been joined by a collection of musicians who have all been involved in the local music scene over the past few decades and have also all played in one or more of the following bands - The Duty Prefects, Shanx, 0898, Reckless, Midlife Crisis, Bex, Soul Mates, The Penguins, Waterhead and Blue Orchid.

The band is fronted by talented and charismatic lead vocalists Jim Savery and Julia H. Behind them, providing a blistering, duel guitar, wall of sound are Peter Brentford and Mat Cook. Ace drummer Rupert Murden and bassist Simon Chapman make up the tight, thunderous rhythm section. And finally, Saxophonist, Colin Jarvis throws mind blowing tenor sax virtuosity into the mix.

Sleeping Dogs pride themselves on playing quality good old fashioned Rock n Roll . They play crowd pleasing covers from the 1950s onwards by bands like the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, XTC, The Kinks, Michelle Shocked , Stevie Wonder and Department S.

Although a new band on the scene, the Dogs have already been rocking the socks off many a local venue and are being greatly received by audiences of all ages.