2011 Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands held on Friday night attracted an audience in excess of 300 people. The night's music was provided by Laura and Rob Williams, Bullet Proof Future, Carbon Chemistry, Antari and The Drifting.

Ben Philcox from DBS Music and record label Prima Rose, said:

Laura and Rob Williams

'Laura and Rob both performed solid vocal parts with some lovely harmonies throughout - great original song numbers combined with some excellent cover ideas with were well interpreted and nicely played.'


Bullet Proof Future

'Bullet Proof Future have the prospect of being great musicians in the future - let's not forget the lead singer was 10! Amazing!'


Carbon Chemistry

'Carbon Chemistry had lots of confidence with some very good interaction with the crowd. All this when missing a key player who had a broken arm. Let's see you guys in full swing one day, could be even better!'



'Antari were the winners of 'solo of the night' in my view, lively metal/thrash outfit with some pretty good riff-based music madness. Genuine respect by them for all the other acts and the crowd, this was nice to see.'


The Drifting

The winners of the Battle were The Drifting. Ben said: 'These guys can all play well together, great prospect for the not so distant future if they remain true to their cause and carry on developing their excellent original  songs. The bass player loved his instrument, really nice to see that amount of enjoyment in playing. I think we are going to hear a lot of The Drifting in years to come.'